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NIKE X HYPERICE Recovery Products

Nike And Hyperice Team Up To Transform Athlete Recovery

These products are designed to elevate warm-up and recovery routines.

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Global sportswear giant Nike has partnered with recovery specialist Hyperice to revolutionize athlete recovery with their new collaboration, the Nike x Hyperice Recovery Products. This innovative partnership has unveiled two groundbreaking products: the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest. These cutting-edge wearable technologies are designed to elevate warm-up and recovery routines and significantly enhance athletic performance.

The Nike x Hyperice boot is a mobile high-top shoe that provides heat and dynamic air compression massage for the feet and ankles. Featuring dual-air Normatec bladders bonded to warming elements, the boot distributes heat evenly throughout the upper, targeting deep muscle and tissue. This combination accelerates movement, performance, and recovery, allowing athletes to synchronize heat and compression for optimal results. Athletes can customize their experience with three levels of compression and heat powered by a battery pack in each shoe’s insole.

The Nike x Hyperice vest complements the boots, which utilize thermoelectric coolers to deliver instant heating and cooling without ice or liquid. This vest helps athletes precisely control their body temperature during warm-ups and cool-downs, optimizing their readiness and recovery.

“Recovery is an important part of any athlete’s journey, but we’re hearing from athletes that this concept of ‘pre-covery’ is equally as important,” says Tobie Hatfield, Nike’s senior director of athlete innovation. Athletes like marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge, who’s preparing for the Paris Olympics, have already integrated these products into their training routines. Kipchoge attests to the effectiveness, noting how the boots make his legs feel lighter during workouts and aid in muscle recovery post-run.

While these products are currently exclusive to Nike athletes, they will soon be available for general sale, promising to bring next-level recovery to athletes everywhere.

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