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Hyperice X

Offering Contrast Therapy For The Knees: Hyperice X

Hyperice X can switch between hot and cold therapy within 60 seconds.

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$ 449

Hot and cold therapy can be an important part of injury recovery. This technique is known as contrast therapy, or alternating hot and cold therapy, and involves alternating applications of heat and ice to relieve the pain associated with injury or overexertion. With that being said, using traditional ice or heat packs can be an ineffective and messy experience. Enter Hyperice. The company has a simple goal: “To help everyone on Earth move better, live better, and be better.” The brand has recently released its new Hyperice X, a contrasting hot and cold therapy knee brace that helps with painful soreness and inflammation.

The Hyperice X is a cord-free device that straps onto the knee to align exactly with the knee cap with three adjustable straps that enable users to customize it for a perfect fit. Offering contrast therapy treatment on demand, Hyperice X will hold at a consistent temperature for as long as a user needs it, or will automatically switch between hot and cold on a set program. With a battery life of 1.5 hours, a weight of 2 lbs, and the ability to switch between hot and cold in just 60 seconds, this device is travel-friendly and TSA-approved for carry-on. By linking to the Hyperice App, users can change up the therapy with Bluetooth connectivity just by a quick screen touch. The Hyperice X is the ultimate easy-to-use therapy device that promotes the fastest recovery possible to get back to that all-important athletic lifestyle.

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