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The ZipCharge Go Is A Portable EV Powerbank

The world’s first portable EV charger for personal use at home, work, and on the go.

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British startup, ZipCharge, has announced the launch of its product, the ZipCharge Go charger that can be wheeled around like a small carry-on suitcase. The ZipCharge Go is a simple and compact design that will fit easily in a car trunk. The convenience of this technology is much-needed because one of the biggest obstacles people are concerned about before buying an electric vehicle is where they will charge it.

Using the ZipCharge Go will provide an electric vehicle with around 20-40 miles of driving distance, depending on the type of car a person is driving. The total charging time is only around 30-60 minutes which is contingent on the style of the car and the temperature outside. Charging up the device itself is as easy as plugging it into any socket, and users will be able to control and monitor it through an app, where they can schedule future charges during off-peak hours for cheaper costs. The battery in the EV charger itself is lithium-ion, and it also features a bi-directional AC-DC inverter that allows for charging from the unit to the grid, storing energy that can be used during peak hours. While the ZipCharge Go is not yet available, the startup plans to release a 4 kWh and an 8 kWh version, as well as to start deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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