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Knee Plus

REVIIV Introduces The Knee Plus: A Targeted Treatment For The Knees

Knee Plus combines lasers and LED lights for accurate dosing during each use.

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From the REVIIV Light Team comes its latest offering of a targeted treatment for the knees. The Knee Plus is an innovative device that uses next-generation lasers and LED lights to help with pain and inflammation. Knee issues are something that affects athletic and healthy people, as well as those who are experiencing knee pain due to aging. It is estimated that knee pain affects up to 25 percent of active adults in the United States, or 100 million people, according to health and nutrition surveys done by the National Center for Health Statistics. REVIIV claims that employing therapeutic lasers is more effective than just LED red light therapy alone. Using the Knee Plus helps blood vessels and cartilage in the knees stay healthy and serves to reduce pain and swelling.

By strapping the device around the knee area for a session of light therapy (photobiomodulation), the device will decrease inflammatory cytokines and increase beneficial blood flow to the stressed-out tissue on this well-used area of the body. The Knee Plus is small, portable, and easy to use at home or on the go. The magnetic band helps the device to stay in place around the knee area with a hand and cable-free user interface. REVIIV is launching the Knee Plus on Indiegogo and anticipates shipping the device by April of 2022.

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