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Tech-driven fitness equipment has emerged as a game-changer for those looking to elevate their home exercise routines. From interactive screens to AI-powered coaching, these innovative tools are revolutionizing our training, offering personalized experiences that rival professional gyms. 

Our editors delve into the world of tech-driven fitness equipment for home workouts, exploring the latest trends and advancements reshaping the fitness industry. We uncover the features and benefits that make these devices must-haves for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. 


Tonal is a wall-mounted gym that uses digital weights and AI to offer personalized strength training. A Tonal team member comes to your home to set up Tonal for you, so there’s one less step between you and your first workout. Your Tonal membership gives you access to unlimited accounts, Tonal’s ever-growing library of workouts and programs, and the company’s intelligence tools. Tonal offers a strength assessment to learn your body and strength, intuitive weight adjustments, video demos for every movement, and dynamic weight modes like Eccentric, Chains, and Burnout.

Tempo Studio Pro Trainer

With unlimited access to on-demand workouts, expert on-screen coaches, and a complete set of Olympic-grade weights, your Tempo Studio Pro Trainer is fully equipped to personalize your workouts precisely to your needs, week by week. The Tempo Studio Pro Trainer home gym offers a large touchscreen with 3D sensors to provide real-time feedback on your form.

Get real-time guidance from your Trainer with every workout, eliminating the guesswork for reps, weights, and form. Track results with body composition scanning, helping you and your Trainer see progress in body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and muscle circumference.

Hydrow Pro Rower

Unlike stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardio machines, rowing engages over 86% of your muscles, providing a complete full-body workout. The Hydrow Pro Rower is an immersive rowing machine that brings live and on-demand rowing workouts from waterways worldwide. This technology recreates the feeling of rowing on the water, and expert athletes and Olympians lead the on-water workouts.

Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker

Give your routine a boost with Fitbit Charge 6, the only fitness tracker with Google built-in. Fitbit’s most accurate heart rate yet includes ECG and irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications, Oxygen saturation (SpO2) Monitoring, Resting Heart Rate, and High/Low Heart Rate Notifications. Charge 6 has your essentials—like YouTube Music, Google Maps, and Google Wallet—plus the fitness tools you need to crush your goals. From staying motivated and tracking your daily progress to tuning in and taking care, running your day and routine has never been easier.

FightCamp The All-In-One Bundle

This home boxing gym includes a punching bag, gloves, and trackers to measure punches, and it offers guided boxing workouts. Fight boredom with 1,000+ boxing, kickboxing, and core workouts. Compete against yourself and others, celebrate your sweat, and unleash your inner fighter with a uniquely satisfying workout. The included on-demand library will keep things fresh with new weekly content. 

a person on a stationery bike

Zwift Wahoo Kickr Move

Designed for demanding riders, the Kickr Move offers built-in, dual-axis movement for up to 5 degrees of realistic side-to-side and fore-and-aft motion for an unrivaled road-like feel. The dual-axis movement lets you train harder and longer while mitigating fatigue.

Paired with a 1-year Zwift membership, this is your launchpad into your most realistic indoor riding experience yet. 

WHOOP Strap 4.0

If you’re an athlete or a fitness fanatic who craves in-depth data, the Whoop Strap 4.0 is for you. It offers a deeper dive into your health that’s useful in tailoring how you approach your daily exercise. The Strap 4.0 tracks your workouts, sleep, and recovery exceptionally well, even during your most challenging workout sessions. The Whoop 4.0 can also track skin temperature and blood oxygen levels; a Health Monitor section opens up a little box on your phone that tells you when your readings — which include skin temperature, blood oxygen level, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability — are in their normal ranges. 

Echelon Reflect 50” Fitness Mirror

The Echelon Reflect is a sleek, interactive mirror that streams live and on-demand fitness classes, from cardio and strength to yoga. The mirror easily installs flush to the wall and boasts an embedded 32” class HD touchscreen. It uses a Heart Track System with a live heart rate monitoring system. A membership fee of $40 per month provides unlimited classes each month and includes an Echelon Premier 5-year warranty guarantee.