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IKEA DALJIEN Sports Collection

Get Fit At Home With The IKEA DALJIEN Sports Collection

This collection is designed to infuse everyday life with movement and activity.

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$ 4+

IKEA is known for its functional and affordable home furnishings, and now it’s bringing its design expertise to the world of home workouts with the IKEA DALJIEN Sports Collection. “DALJIEN” is Swedish slang for “daily,” and this collection is all about incorporating movement into your everyday life. With prices ranging from just $4 to $135, IKEA is making home workout equipment both accessible and stylish.

The collection features 19 items, including 6 lb. hand weights that can double as decor, round activity mats for family workouts, a versatile workout bench with built-in storage, an affordable air purifier, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a rolling cart for easy equipment storage. The color scheme combines signature light wood tones with vibrant green and yellow accents, creating a fresh and inviting look designed to fit in small spaces.

The goal of the DALJIEN collection is to make working out at home easier and more enjoyable. IKEA conducted at-home visits to understand people’s exercise needs and frustrations, leading to this multifunctional and space-saving collection.

Whether you prefer dancing to loud music, meditation, or a quick workout, this collection encourages self-care in your own way. Sarah Fager, senior designer at IKEA of Sweden, highlights the unique rounded exercise mats as a favorite piece, perfect for family workouts or picnics in the park. The IKEA DALJIEN Sports Collection will be available in IKEA stores starting in January 2024, offering an exciting and affordable way to stay active at home.

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