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Fuseproject Yoshino Portable Solid-State Power Station

Introducing Fuseproject Yoshino Portable Solid-State Power Stations

There are four Yoshino solid-state portable power stations that Yves Béhar and Fuseproject designed.

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Whether you’re heading out into the wilderness for a camping expedition or looking for a power source in the event your car breaks down, a reliable portable power station is essential. California firm, Yoshino, tapped Yves Behar’s Fuseproject to design a four-unit product offering, including industrial design, user interface, brand identity, and packaging. The result is solid-state portable power stations with a mellow-green shade, a robust metal handle that forms a continuous band and can wrap vertically or horizontally around the shell, and a shatterproof and water-resistant interface protected by the trim of the faceplate or the handlebars. The new Fuseproject Yoshino Portable Solid-State Power Stations brings together the latest in portable energy technology, pushing the boundaries of what a solid-state battery is capable of.

The Fuseproject Yoshino Portable Solid-State Power Stations captures the essence of Yoshino’s commitment to green energy and portable power. They’re exceptionally modern portable power sources that come with a bespoke user interface and control panel to easily check the remaining available power. The Portable Solid-State Power Stations come with multiple power points, including several USB outputs and traditional plugs for all types of appliances. This versatility lends it a broad degree of functionality, from use on family vacations to commercial job sites with more demanding applications.

Sporting a rugged design with angular geometric proportions, it’s as stylish as it is pragmatic, with both a shatterproof and water-resistant casing and an interface for use in testing elements. If you’re looking for a premium portable power source, the Portable Solid-State Power Stations are suitable for all occasions.

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