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Yves Béhar Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses

Designing For The Future, Yves Béhar And Ocean Cleanup Partner To Create Sustainable Sunglasses

The partners have designed sunglasses made with plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Swiss designer Yves Béhar and Ocean Cleanup have come together to create sunglasses that make a statement far beyond themselves. While the sunglasses alone boast a crisp design and complete functionality, it’s where the materials for these glasses come from that’s revolutionary. The plastics used in these sunglasses were sourced by The Ocean Cleanup from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This marks the first time that The Ocean Cleanup has actually used Pacific-sourced plastic waste to create new products, and the new creation is both beautiful and profound. Produced by Italian eyewear brand Safilo, the glasses have a classic shape reminiscent of Ray Ban’s Wayfarers, rendered in deep, navy blue, with distinctive turquoise hinges connecting each arm to the frame. From an environmental perspective, the sunglasses serve as proof of concept that plastic waste can be transformed into a remarkable, functional new item. The sunglasses from Yves Béhar and The Ocean Cleanup are remarkable in their own right and hopefully they’ll soon be just one product in a sea of Pacific-sourced recycled plastic products. Take a look and see that the future of recycling is bright.