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OUPES Mega 5: The 4000W Home Backup Power Station

OUPES Launches The Mega 5 Home Backup Power Station

A backup power station specifically for power outages, off-grid life, and commercial use.

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$ 3,299+

OUPES has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the MEGA 5, a 4000W home backup power station. Developed by a team that has created a quiet and environmentally friendly solution to portable power, this one can power a home. This product is ideal for someone who wants a sustainable solution to powering their home in an emergency without the cost of installing a full set of solar panels. The Mega 5 Power Station hooks up to 240W solar panels, and one of the available packages includes the panels.

You can use it for camping, but it’s also safe indoors and does not have the safety risks and noise associated with gasoline and gas generators. Plus, in an emergency, gas may be tough to come by, but the sun is not. This unit charges in 1.5 hours. The power station contains 24/7 UPS, an emergency backup feature that kicks on when the power goes out to avoid damage to essential devices. The Mega 5 can provide a sense of independence, self-reliance, safety, and security. Whether you’re a prepper always ready for an emergency or someone without failsafe measures currently in place to protect your property and family, this can help you feel more secure.

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