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Anzene EnergyBlock

Anzene EnergyBlock: The Smallest 300Wh Power Station

The device has a detachable modular design and can be used in various indoor and outdoor settings.

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The LA-based company Anzene unveiled the Anzene EnergyBlock, a portable power station on Kickstarter recently, and reached 100% of its funding goal within an hour. The company says the Anzene EnergyBlock allows a reduced carbon footprint with easy renewable energy storage in a non-explosive smart battery. Anzene says the EnergyBlock makes an ideal backup power supply for outdoor activities with an 80000mAh battery and 300W output (500W surge). It can supply power for cell phones, laptops, cameras, a mini-fridge, speakers, and table lamps. The Anzene EnergyBlock is also compatible with most USB or DC-powered devices and portable gadgets.

This portable power station features dual Type-C ports on the DC output mount and a single type-C port on the AC output mount. It is also available with an AC output mount, a wider range of interfaces, and an international standard socket. One of its most impressive features is the detachable modular design, making it easy to use indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the aluminum casing is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. What’s more, Anzene says they designed the EnergyBlock with industrial-grade parts to last a lifetime. It can resist up to 1000lbs of pressure and is extremely durable even in the toughest conditions. The Anzene EnergyBlock is available to support on Kickstarter, and shipping will begin in July.

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