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Anker PowerHouse 767

Anker’s PowerHouse 767 Can Charge Your Phone…Or A Car

This portable, cooler-sized power station packs big-time juice.

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$ 1,799

Launching soon is Anker’s successor to its 757 PowerHouse, the forthcoming Anker PowerHouse 767. Primarily positioned as a home battery backup, the PowerHouse will keep a few small devices (or one larger one) running until power returns. And yes, “larger” includes your electric car, provided you’re not planning to drive more than a few miles and have already purchased a neutral-ground plug.

Anker’s base-level unit comes with a 2048Wh battery that can be charged to 80% capacity in just under 90 minutes using any home outlet. An optional expansion battery sits snugly on top of the base model and doubles the PowerHouse’s storage to 4096Wh, while an optional set of mini solar panels offers limitless, eco-friendly energy (cloudy days notwithstanding).

Per Anker, the PowerHouse’s unibody design is impact-resistant, shock-proof, anti-UV, and flame retardant, so it’s also ideal for off-grid and post-apocalyptic adventures alike, especially when paired with those solar panels. An ergonomic handle is well-integrated into its rolling shell: the 767 wouldn’t look out of place in an overhead bin (please don’t put it in one). Would-be buyers can sign up to receive a discount code good for $400 off the $2,199 price when it launches on December 5.

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