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Anker 120W USB C Charger

Anker Unveils Its 120W USB C Four-Port Charging Station

With all ports in use, you are getting at least 20W per port, which can be enough for many devices.

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$ 120

Anker’s latest release, the Anker 120W USB C Charger, stands out among chargers, with an impressive set of features in a compact charging station. It is one of the brand’s first chargers with more than two USB-C ports. In fact, the Anker 120W USB C Charger is the company’s most powerful charger yet featuring four USB-C ports. The first slot dishes out 100W of power, alongside a pair of 20W ports, plus the 120W USB C Charger boasts a 60W slot. This all-in-one charging station is a small boxy charger with nearly five feet of cord to plug into the wall, so there is some slack to position it.

With 120W of power, the new Anker Charger is an effective power station that can power all four ports at once. For example, with 120W of power spread across four ports, this compact charging station can charge two phones and two laptops simultaneously. It is compatible with the MacBook Pro and Air, Apple Watch, iPhone 13, Mini, iPad, the 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. The Anker 120W USB C Charger also charges the Galaxy, Nintendo Switch, Pixel, and more. Additionally, Anker has built-in safety features such as temperature control, current regulation, and short-circuit protection.

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