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Nomad Base Station Mini

The Nomad Mini, A New Addition To The Brand’s Popular Base Station Lineup

Built with a 15W transmitter coil, Base Station Mini packs a lot of power into its tiny frame.

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$ 60

No one enjoys hunting down a charging cable for their smartphone or having to put up with replacing it periodically because the cord becomes frayed and unusable. Wireless power is the solution to such problems. But often times, a charger becomes a distraction from a nicely decorated bedroom, so people leave their device somewhere else in the home to charge overnight. With the Nomad Base Station Mini, its thin design (about as thin or thinner than current smartphones) and padded black leather exterior make it unobtrusive. Even its glowing charge indicator will dim down automatically when the user turns off the lights at bedtime.

Nomad’s Mini is made with an aluminum chassis and stays in place with no-slip feet of rubber, so it won’t go flying off of the desk or nightstand when bumped into. That protects the charger as well as the mobile device it’s powering. This base station delivers power to all devices that are Qi-enabled and all iPhone 12 models, as well as AirPods Pro. However, Apple’s smartphones only allow charging at 7.5 watts with third-party chargers, so the Nomad Base Station Mini will take more time to juice them up. But for those charging overnight or who just need a quick battery top-off, the wait will not really be a factor.

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