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MagEZ Slider

The Ultimate 4 In 1 Charger: MagEZ Slider

The MagEZ Slider charges four devices simultaneously.

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PITAKA just dropped their MagEZ Slider that allows users to charge up to four devices at a time. This compact multi-device charging dock doubles as a phone stand and features the MagSafe power pack capable of charging an iPhone on the go. Additionally, the MagEZ Slider boasts a unique carousel design for 360-degree access to all the devices that are charging. Users can also adjust the magnetic stand to charge AirPods and other Qi-enabled wireless earbuds. PITAKA’s goal is to make products that provide convenience and inspiration. The company focuses on creating tech gadgets elevated from standard plastic or silicon. Instead, they use alternative materials to create one-of-a-kind accessories and devices.

Additionally, as the MagEZ Slider demonstrates, PITAKA works to bring a unique perspective to their product design, from their MagEZ series and their magnetic ecosystem to the Air Omni 6-in-1 charging station. PITAKA says they design all of their products to simplify the user experience. And they continuously research, plan, and develop new technologies to expand their product lines. The MagEZ Slider features PITAKA’s signature magnetic ecosystem, Aramid fiber, and the company’s patented Chain-coil wireless charging.

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