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IKEA x Little Sun SAMMANLÄNKAD Brings Solar Powered Lighting To The Fore

SAMMANLÄNKAD are two LED solar-powered lights in the new collaboration between IKEA and Little Sun.

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A collab between home furnishing juggernaut IKEA and social enterprise Little Sun is launching SAMMANLÄNKAD, consisting of two solar-powered LED lamps for capturing energy and creating light, launching in selected IKEA markets this month.

The design of the SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar-powered table lamp is inspired by the sun and the earth’s angle and movement around it. The light source is in the shape of a half-sphere, which is enhanced through the reflection of a mirror to create a shining sun. With it, IKEA hopes to create interest in everyday objects powered by the sun. This means increasing awareness of energy and how it affects our lives.

The smaller portable lamp, the SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar-powered lighting offers practicality for outdoor settings. Coming with a yellow strap, it can be held and hung on a window or backpack during daylight hours for charging. Both lamps are equipped with solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

Olafur Eliasson, artistic director and co-founder of Little Sun hopes to make everyone aware of opportunities provided by solar energy. Solar-powered objects can be artistic and beautiful. Inspired by the Sun and the Earth’s axial tilt, SAMMANLÄNKAD can go anywhere.

These artistic lamp designs can spark conversations about renewable energy. They raise the possibility of renewables as not just an alternative to fossil fuel energy sources, but a preferable one.

Charging through multiple sources, including external USB-A and -C ports, makes these a brilliant conversation-changer, letting them charge your devices. The lamp comes with a carry strap that will make it easy to charge on expeditions by hanging them alongside your pack. You can let your lamps charge while you explore the world, both Earth Month and every month. SAMMANLÄNKAD will be available starting this month at selected IKEA outlets worldwide. You can buy yours in-store or online at ikea.com.

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