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Sjøhavn House by Lightbody Architects

Riverside Retreat: Inside The Sjøhavn House By Lightbody Architects

Inspired by Scandinavian origins, this architectural marvel blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Situated amidst the tranquil Noosa River network in Australia, the Sjøhavn House by Lightbody Architects is a testament to architectural ingenuity and environmental harmony. Inspired by its Scandinavian roots, the name ‘Sjøhavn,’ meaning ‘Sea Gardens,’ encapsulates the essence of this riverside abode, offering a haven of tranquility amid lush surroundings.

Designed with a keen sensitivity to flood levels, the Sjøhavn House seamlessly integrates with its natural environment while providing a sanctuary for its inhabitants. The client’s vision for a family home that fosters a profound connection to the outdoors is brought to life through thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail.

Central to the architectural concept is the creation of interstitial spaces that bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors, offering moments of retreat and solitude amidst the bustling household. The minimalist palette of materials, including off-form concrete, lends a sense of cohesion to the interior and exterior spaces, further blurring the boundaries between the two.

A central double-height void serves as the focal point of the home, providing visual connectivity across both levels while offering glimpses of the serene river beyond. Cantilevered spaces and expansive verandahs evoke a sense of traditional Queensland architecture, offering sheltered retreats and inviting connections to the surrounding landscape.

Through a harmonious blend of passive design principles and innovative structural strategies, the Sjøhavn House by Lightbody Architects maintains an optimal internal temperature while embracing its natural surroundings. From its expressive design gestures to its sustainable material choices, every aspect of the Sjøhavn House speaks to a reverence for nature and a commitment to timeless design.

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