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IKEA VAPPEBY Waterproof Speaker

Experience Sound Anywhere With IKEA’s Durable VAPPEBY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When fully charged, the built-in battery gives you 80 hours of playing time at 50% volume.

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IKEA, the leading home furnishing brand, has announced the release of its new VAPPEBY Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. The new device offers quality design, versatility, and a durable build, perfect for music lovers on the go.

The VAPPEBY Portable Bluetooth Speaker promises up to 80 hours of total playtime at 50% volume. The device comes in three stylish colors, black, yellow, and red, and can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including phones and computers.

The speaker is designed with simplicity in mind and offers clear functions that make it a user-friendly solution, according to Stjepan Begic, an IKEA spokesperson. “We hope customers will embrace the speaker, and we hope it adds value to their lives by enabling them to enjoy sound experiences from anywhere,” he said.

The VAPPEBY Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has undergone rigorous testing according to IP67 standards, making it dust and water-resistant. The device can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. The speaker is available for purchase now on IKEA’s website.

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