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IKEA Varmblixt Collection

IKEA and Sabine Marcelis Collaborate For The New Varmblixt Collection

A collection driven by the joy and positivity light can bring to a home.

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Sabine Marcelis thrives on experimentation. The Rotterdam-based designer is known for working with varying materials and colors to create functional items for the home and some purely decorative objects. The IKEA Varmblixt Collection includes a little bit of each.

This unique collaboration between IKEA and Sabine Marelis explores the possibilities of home lighting through unique home accessories and lighting products that double as sculptures. The collection includes 19 pieces, ranging from glassware to a pendant lamp and a warm, 100-percent wool rug. Stand-out items include the retro-style, glowing orange donut lamp and the large-scale LED pendant lamp with frosted-glass U-shaped bulbs.

The IKEA Varmblixt Collection’s focus is visibly on lighting, but it’s deeper than simply brightening a room. It’s about emitting light in a way that’s enjoyable, inspiring, and comfortable. Even the items that aren’t lighting at all, such as the glassware and large rug, feature warm colors that imitate lighting people tend to love, like the rays of a sunset.

All the functional and decorative objects in the IKEA Varmblixt Collection bring positivity and brightness to any home. The entire collection will be available in IKEA stores and online starting in February 2023.

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