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IKEA Unveils A Bluetooth Speaker Lamp With Spotify Tap

The VAPPEBY speaker lamp is a modern piece that doubles as a lantern.

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$ 65

For those looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality and durable speaker, the IKEA VAPPEBY may be the perfect option. Created by Swedish furniture colossus IKEA, this little speaker can pack quite a punch and integrate entirely with any Bluetooth device, like a laptop computer or mobile phone. The IKEA VAPPEBY speaker is small, measuring just 7 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall. But, despite its small size, the IKEA VAPPEBY can deliver 360 degrees of sound. Durable enough to work indoors and outdoors, this little speaker is a great way to provide some music in the garden or on the deck.

The Bluetooth speaker seamlessly integrates with Spotify, allowing users to stream music from selected playlists. A single button on the speaker can start the Spotify playlist. Another press of the button can skip to the next song. Over time, the Spotify Tap playback function learns music preferences, piecing together the perfect playlist for listeners. The IKEA VAPPEBY also has an integral light, providing soothing illumination in the surrounding area. The speaker has a convenient carrying handle, making transport a breeze. The IKEA VAPPEBY can be used in any weather conditions with a rechargeable battery and rainproof exterior. An additional USB charging adapter can be purchased separately. Currently, the Bluetooth-enabled speaker is only available in navy blue.

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