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Teenage Engineering OB–4 Off-White

Teenage Engineering Teams Up With Off-White For A Remixed Version Of Its OB-4 Loudspeaker

The OB-4 Off-White includes the traditional gyil music of musician Sk Kakraba, a special feature that was added by Abloh who offered his spin on the OB-4’s disk mode.

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$ 1,150

Teenage Engineering recently unveiled its OB–4 Off-White collaboration, honoring their late friend and partner, Virgil Abloh. The company’s founder and CEO, Jesper Kouthoofd, employs 45 engineers and has launched products such as the OP-1 synthesizer and OP-Z pocket operators. He also re-engineered sound pioneer Stig Carlsson’s classic OD-11 design. The OB–4 Off-White is a luminescent orange special edition reimagining Teenage Engineering’s iconic magic radio.

OB–4 Off-White is a portable high-fidelity speaker with built-in FM radio, Bluetooth, and line-in. Its unique Disk Mode provides an active listening experience with quality stereo sound. Plus, OB–4 Off-White memorizes everything it plays. The Off-White brand was Virgil Abloh’s vision that turned into an iconic streetwear brand. The brand’s logo is a graphic reminiscent of crosswalks and road signs that Abloh co-opted for t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and bags.

The Teenage Engineering OB–4 Off-White collection features a transparent orange carry bag for OB–4. Off-White custom-designed the transparent orange carry bag, with a black and white check shoulder strap and a paperclip zip pull. There is also a hoodie and t-shirt, and Off-White designed a crisp white bomber jacket and cargo pants with multiple pockets to hold a host of devices.

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