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teenage engineering computer–1

Teenage Engineering’s New Computer–1 ITX PC Case

This is a flat-pack design chassis, which means bending the 1mm-thick aluminum panels yourself.

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$ 195

Swedish electronics company, Teenage Engineering, has just released its Computer – 1, a flat-pack, sheet metal ITX PC case possessing the same build-it-yourself design as its modular series. Built around the mini-ITX motherboard and the SFX power supply format, this case is a heavy-duty coated RAL 2004 orange aluminum with chrome handles. The entire unit stands at about 12-inches by 6-inches by 7.4-inches, so it will easily fit on practically any desk space in an office or home-based workstation. According to the company, “while compact, it’s capable of housing a wide range of components to fit your needs, whether you are a teenager or a banker.”

In addition to the mini-ITX motherboard with a height limit of 4.7-inches for the CPU heatsink and fan, a dual-slot graphics card up to 180mm in length will also fit, as will an SFX power supply in the bottom. The DIY instructions that Teenage Engineering includes with the Computer-1 are easy to understand in a step-by-step assembly guide. With sheets of bendable aluminum, the company advises that when putting it together, “think twice, bend once” or, in other words, make sure to understand the directions completely before bending it into place. Keep in mind, the Teenage Engineering Computer-1 is the case only with all of the other computer components to be purchased separately. Having sold out within minutes, those interested need to head over to the company website and sign up to be notified with it is back in stock.

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