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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Portable Synthesizer

Play with countless combinations of synthesized sounds and even animate photos and video by sequencing them to a beat.

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The latest release from the Swedish consumer electronics leader Teenage Engineering and its cofounder Jesper Kuouthoofd has been described by the Museum of Modern Art Design Store as a “pocket-sized dream machine.”

A super-thin device that measures just 2.5 by 8.5 inches, the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Portable Synthesizer challenges you to create a broad array of sample-based and synthesized sounds. For added versatility, the OP-Z offers 16 instrument tracks and multi-layer sequencing and step components that let you play with countless combinations and variations in note/cycle, direction, re-trigs, and parameter changes.

Although the OP-Z works as a stand-alone unit, it can also be synced via app to your smartphone or tablet. This allows you not only to view tracks and audio layers on a convenient screen, but to animate photos, custom graphics, stop motion video, and other visuals by sequencing them to a beat.