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LG XBoom XL5 & XL7 Speakers

LG’s XBoom XL5 & XL7 Bluetooth Speakers Are A Party In A Box

Each brings their own music-synced light show.

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Bringing a Bluetooth speaker to a party is one thing, but when a Bluetooth speaker itself brings the party, that’s something special. That’s precisely what LG’s forthcoming XBoom XL7 and (to a lesser degree) XL5 will do.

The 250W XL7 is out to have a good time, and LG designed everything around that simple concept. Full-color Pixel LED message board that can show custom text, images, and animations? Check. Music-synced light show? Check. Luggage-style rolling wheels and retractable handle perfectly suited for stumbling home at sunrise? Double-check.

And those wheels will come in handy. The LG XL7 weighs just over 30 pounds, owing to the burly battery needed to power 20 hours of nonstop partying for its 8-inch woofer and dual 2.5-inch tweeters. Give it three hours to recharge, and it’s ready to rock long before most of the lads have slept off last night’s karaoke competition. What a champ!

The 200W XL5 is also a potent party companion, but despite being only a few inches smaller than the XL7 and comparable in weight, the XL5 lacks its big brother’s pull-out handle and wheels. Tragically, the LED screen is also absent. The tweeters are the same, but the sub is only 6.5 inches. Expect the XL5 to tap out after a mere 12 hours of partying.

An IPX4 water resistance rating allows both models to repel spilled drinks and errant pool splashes, but the party’s over if these speakers take a dip. Both include microphone and guitar inputs and feature LG’s vocal track-suppressing Karaoke Creator. LG’s Wireless Party Link lets revelers with patient neighbors connect up to 10 XBooms for teeth-rattling festivities. No pricing or availability is known at press time.

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