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Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot Is Back: Enhanced Features At An Unbeatable Price

Boasting better sound and a sharper display.

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Amazon has unveiled the revamped Echo Spot just in time for Prime Day. This new model brings back the compact smart display many loved when it was first released in 2017. However, the latest Echo Spot has a fresh design twist: the front face is now split between a hemispherical display and speaker, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Available in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue, the device allows for further customization with six hues for the display: magenta, violet, orange, lime, teal, and blue, each of which can be matched with various clock faces.

Priced at $80, the new Echo Spot is $50 cheaper than its predecessor, and Prime members can snag it for an even more attractive $45 during Prime Day. Amazon promises better sound quality and a sharper display with this iteration. While time will reveal if it dodges the screen flicker issues of the original, its core functionality remains consistent. 

The Echo Spot is designed to be a smart alarm clock with Alexa integration, capable of handling tasks like providing weather updates and displaying song titles from streaming apps. Additionally, it serves as a smart speaker, compatible with Amazon Music, Spotify, and other services, delivering robust audio quality. This makes it a versatile and affordable option for those looking to enhance their home with a smart device.

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