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Ultimate Ears Everboom

Ultimate Ears Everboom Delivers Big Sound In A Compact Package

An ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with bassy 360° immersive sound.

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$ 380

Bluetooth speakers are an ubiquitous requirement for the modern lifestyle, whether they’re used for listening to music in the garden or on weekend camping trips in the wilderness. The new Ultimate Ears Everboom is the latest Bluetooth speaker to enter the market, delivering bassy 360° immersive sound in a supremely portable and rugged package.

One of the challenges faced by manufacturers when producing portable speakers is delivering impressively crisp and vibrant audio across the frequency ranges, particularly on the low end. The Ultimate Ears Everboom seeks to resolve this conundrum with a fully loaded big bass speaker system powered by two full-range transducers augmented by magnets.

With the addition of two customized passive radiators, the Everboom speaker offers optimal sound reproduction across the board. It also has an EQ mode that allows users to tailor performance to their tastes. Through the included BOOM app, users can select the best setting for their situation and create a soundscape that matches the vibe of their party.

The Ultimate Ears Everboom also offers an impressive extended play time for days out, with up to twenty hours of operation available. It’s also exceptionally robust, built with a dust and waterproof casing capable of withstanding being dropped from up to one meter. It can even float on water, making it the perfect portable audio system for a pool party.

With full connectivity via smartphones and tablets, as well as voice command and MCing through the BOOM app, the Ultimate Ears Everboom speaker delivers big sounds and a fun user experience.

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