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'Guitar: The Shape of Sound' by Ultan Guilfoyle

‘Guitar: The Shape Of Sound’ By Ultan Guilfoyle Displays The World’s Most Stunning Guitars

A compilation of 100 guitars throughout 300 years of history.

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Most guitar players will tell you their guitar is a work of art. ‘Guitar: The Shape of Sound’ by Ultan Guilfoyle pays homage to all the beautiful guitars around the world while singling out the 100 best of the best.

Guilfoyle’s compilation includes 100 iconic guitars, from the first pieces made over 300 years ago to modern, state-of-the-art electrics. Included with each feature is the guitar’s unique story. Guitar enthusiasts will dive deep into the history of the most unique and legendary models created by Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, D’Angelico, Alden, and more.

However, readers don’t have to play guitar to find ‘Guitar: The Shape of Sound’ by Ultan Guilfoyle wildly intriguing. The book offers an abundance of little-known facts and information about the world’s favorite guitar players, bands, and more. Music fans will page through the development of the guitar and the influence it had on past and modern societies. The guitar has transformed every person’s life in some way, and ‘Guitar: The Shape of Sound’ by Ultan Guilfoyle offers proof. Guilfoyle’s book is available for preorder with an expected shipping date of Feb. 23, 2023.

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