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Effortless Entertaining With A Latin American Twist: Discover The Vibrant IKEA ÖMSESIDIG Collection

A collection that celebrates togetherness, creativity, and everything that makes life enjoyable – food, family, friends, and fun.

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IKEA has once again outdone itself with the launch of the ÖMSESIDIG collection. This new limited collection celebrates the good things in life – food, friends, family, and fun – with a vibrant Latin American flavor. The collection brings together nine Latin American creatives from different worlds, including art, fashion, design, architecture, and food, to create a unique range of items perfect for effortless entertaining at home, both inside and out.

Diana Ordóñez, one of the designers behind the collection, recommends that you don’t need to plan a get-together, but instead, all you need are a few essentials to bring a good mood with you. A cooler bag to keep beverages and vibes chill, and an easy-to-carry picnic blanket to roll out. Hanging paper decorations can transform a space and make it festive, from ‘papel picado’ (paper cut) to party streamers.

Liliana Ovalle, another designer from the collection, suggests getting festive with the prep. Hang colorful garlands for a touch of magic and set the table with expressive dinnerware. Plate up some fuss-free snacks for grazing and crowd-pleasing sharing platters, and you’re done! Eye-catching decorations and quirky kitchen accessories bring that little extra something. Create the perfect ambiance after dark with rice paper lampshades and candle holders with dramatic cut-outs that elevate the ambiance. Characterful glassware and bold cushion covers enhance the magic.

The collection includes pendant paper lampshades, a stool, a candle holder, decorative drinking glasses, a carafe, colorful panels for the IKEA Symfonisk picture frame speaker, serving bowls, a picnic blanket, a shopping bag, and so much more. With the ÖMSESIDIG collection, togetherness is the spice of life, and color is the energy that everybody brings to the party. 

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