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IKEA Smart Sensors

IKEA To Launch Three New Smart Sensors For The Home

The lineup includes a window sensor, motion sensor, and water sensor.

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The evolution of the smart home concept has allowed homeowners to monitor all aspects of their residence, with a range of supporting apps to keep on top of everything. The latest addition to the growing list of products comes from IKEA and the release of a trio of smart sensors for remote home monitoring and control. These IKEA Smart Sensors – the VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING – have been designed to offer a greater degree of control over their home systems. Delivering real-time notifications and updates, each sensor can be easily mounted around the home to keep track of activity while away from the home.

The PARASOLL door and window sensor is a must for home security and can be discreetly mounted to detect movement and notify the homeowner of potential burglaries. If any access points are opened or closed, notifications are instantly sent to the owner, who can then check their internal home camera security system.

The wireless motion sensor VALLHORN provides additional peace of mind regarding home security, along with light activation based on motion detection. The addition of personalized lighting patterns and adjustable colors and intensity makes the IKEA VALLHORN a great device for improving the experience of returning home after a busy day at the office.

Lastly, the BADRING water leakage sensor, which can be positioned close to water usage areas, delivers instant notifications whenever a leak is detected. It also features a built-in alarm to help reduce the potential impact of leaks by highlighting them when they occur.

The new IKEA Smart Sensors can be easily integrated into the DIRIGERA hub for easy management, both from within the home or remotely. PARASOLL and VALLHORN will start selling from January 2024, followed by BADRING in April 2024.

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