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'The Impossible Collection of Art' (2nd Edition)

Unlocking Modern Art’s Finest: ‘The Impossible Collection of Art’ (2nd Edition)

Offering a rare glimpse into the greatest artistic achievements of the 20th century.

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$ 1,200

Renowned art dealers Philippe Ségalot and Franck Giraud have once again pushed the boundaries of art curation with the release of The Impossible Collection of Art (2nd Edition). This meticulously crafted collection is a testament to their expertise and passion for modern art, presenting 100 exceptional artworks that offer a unique glimpse into the 20th century’s greatest artistic achievements.

The Impossible Collection of Art, published by Assouline is not just a book; it’s an invitation to enter an exclusive global community where financial constraints hold no sway. Ségalot and Giraud have carefully selected and introduced these extraordinary works, and this edition includes eleven new pieces that are sure to spark conversations among art enthusiasts.

Modern art has become a new form of intellectual currency, attracting the attention of media magnates, hedge-fund managers, and Hollywood elite. The allure of these masterpieces lies not only in their artistic brilliance but also in their potential for investment and cultural impact.

The just-released book, features 101 stunning illustrations across 144 pages, offering a visually immersive experience for art lovers. With dimensions of L 16 x W 20 x D 3.1 inches and a linen hardcover in a linen clamshell, it is a true collector’s item.

In addition to the impeccable curation by Ségalot and Giraud, the introduction by art historian Joachim Pissarro adds depth and context to the collection. Pissarro’s insights provide a richer understanding of the artistic significance of these works.

The Impossible Collection of Art (2nd Edition) is not just a book for art connoisseurs; it’s an opportunity to own a piece of modern art history. With its release priced at $1,200, it’s a testament to the enduring value of art in our world today.

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