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Gymera: Moveable AI Home Gym

Gymera Sweats The Home Fitness Details

“Playful” home gym promises a serious workout and more.

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$ 2,800

When it comes to workouts, “fun” usually means working harder or sweating more, but Gymera Luxury is all about working smarter. Offering 3D games like GyRacing and GyBoating – and delivering them via an attractive 27” 4K touchscreen – helps users focus on the fun rather than the workout itself, which can help the time fly while still allowing users to engage in vigorous activity.

Gymera hasn’t forgotten about traditional workouts, either. A duo of trainers demonstrates Gymera’s thousands of guided exercises so users keep forms tight and results maximized. Voice and gesture controls ensure sweaty hands stay off the touchscreen, even when fine-tuning the dynamic digital weight system, which users can adjust in .1-pound increments up to 220 lbs of resistance.

Not sure where to start? Gymera’s advanced AI can perform a body type analysis that recognizes traits like uneven shoulders or a tilted pelvis and builds them into a personalized training plan. It can even recommend an eating plan and monitor workout forms in real-time so that no movement is wasted.

After getting sweaty, users can fold up the Gymera platform and use the included smart mirror to snap a post-workout pic for social media motivation. The platform’s wheels make it easy to move Gymera out of the way when it’s not in use. Aspiring beefcakes can snag one for a special $2,800 Early Bird price, which is 34% off the apparent $4,300 MSRP.

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