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Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Onnit Drops Its Unique Primal Kettlebells

Add a dash of fun to any home gym with the novel designs of these kettlebells.

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Kettlebells have long been known to seriously kick a strength training regime to the next level, and with the Onnit Primal Kettlebells users can shred through a workout. Fashioned out of five different primal faces, these kettlebells are the best exercise equipment for improving endurance and achieving beastly strength. The kettlebells are made to last with heavy, chip-resistant iron for extra durability and longevity to power endless workouts. The large handles on the kettlebells help users to enhance grip strength and stay injury-free while working through deadlifts, rows, lunges, and many more.

Each Onnit Primal kettlebell features a different animal that represents its weight category. For those just beginning their workout odyssey, the 18-pound Howler Primal Bell comes in the shape of a howling monkey. While the 36-pound Chimp Primal Bell is for those transitioning from beginner to intermediate with a focus on form and increased strength. For those looking to crush their fitness goals, the 54-pound Orangutan Primal Bell is a heavier kit that provides a new challenge. Next up is the Gorilla Primal Bell that at 72-pounds is designed to really bring on the burn and achieve gains. Finally, for the most advanced, the 90-pound Bigfoot Primal Bell is the ultimate challenge of strength and endurance for those who want to rip through their workouts with furious velocity.

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