JaxJox KettlebellConnect

This smart kettlebell serves as six kettlebells in one, adding or removing internal metal components to produce the desired weight.

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$ 349

In a world full of smart devices and smart appliances, the world of weightlifting has, by and large, remained steadfastly “dumb.” Think about it: the weights we lift are literally called “dumbbells.”

Well, JaxJox is poised to change all of this with the release of the JaxJox KettlebellConnect. First of all, the KettlebellConnect serves as six kettlebells in one, eliminating the need to purchase multiple kettlebells of different weights. This is because the stand that holds the KettlebellConnect includes a feature that allows you produce the exact weight that you want. Just dial up a 12-pound, 18-pound, 24-pound, 30-pound, 36-pound, or 42-pound option, and the KettlebellConnect will add or eliminate its internal metal components to produce a kettlebell of your chosen weight in just three to five seconds.

Other smart features of the KettlebellConnect include motion sensors that track your every movement and an integrated mobile app that records essential workout statistics such as your reps, your sets, power, workout time, and of course the weight that you used.