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Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike

Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike Offers A Curved Touch Screen And LED Light Show

Illuminated LED flywheels can change colors based on workout metrics.

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$ 2,400

The end of the year usually means preparing New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy. Of course, signing up for a new gym is one option; however, there are plenty of at-home solutions if you’ve become accustomed to avoiding crowds. The Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike is one such example of premium at-home fitness equipment to help burn off that lingering lockdown weight. This advanced stationary fitness bike is designed to be a compact gym. The Echelon EX-8s features a 24-inch curved HD touchscreen, an industry-first, to keep you engaged in Echelon classes. Users can also rotate this touch screen 180-degrees for cross-training workouts like yoga, pilates, and strength training. The rear of the EX-8s Connect Bike offers a weight rack and shoe hooks. In addition, the bike’s frame is scratch resistant making it suitable for homes with children and pets, and features two water container holders.

Features on the Echelon EX-8s are its bullhorn handlebars and competition-style seat, which are adjustable. The bike’s pedals offer cycling cleat clips with flexible toe cages. An integrated Bluetooth Resistance Controller is attached to the handlebars to provide users with a quick and smooth method of adjusting the bike’s resistance during workouts without needing to look at controls. Lastly, the EX-8s design incorporates illuminated flywheel lights offering a range of 15 colors that can be in sync with Echelon’s workout metrics. Turn down the lights and turn your home gym into a nightclub powered by your stamina. At this time, Echelon is offering a pre-order sale that reduces the price of the EX-8s Connect Bike down to $1,999. This promotion is set to end on January 15th.

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Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike

Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike

$ 2,400
  • Curb Weight: 124-pounds
  • Height: 65-inches
  • Length: 59-inches
  • Width: 23-inches