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Meet Peleton’s Guide: Its First Connected Strength Product

Guide is an AI-powered camera that tracks your movements as you exercise.

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$ 495+

The Peloton Guide is the company’s first AI-enabled connected strength device. Users connect it to their television for instant access to instructors. The company says the Peloton Guide uses artificial intelligence to review data and identify patterns to enhance the user’s experience, make strength training appealing, and motivate everyone from beginners to experts. Members can use their own equipment, weights, or accessories. What’s more, Peloton says there aren’t any bulky devices. Users get clear, expert instruction, engaging programming, and technology to better understand and exercise strength movements. Additionally, the Peloton Guide features a movement tracker that uses machine learning to help members track their progress and improve their movements. There is also a Self-Mode, with camera technology that allows users to compare their form to their instructor’s. And it is in real-time.

Another feature, Body Activity, shows members which muscle groups they have worked on and recommends exercise classes focused on the muscle groups that need training. Peloton Guide is voice-activated for hands-free workouts, and members always have complete control over the camera and microphone. Peloton says they plan to continuously add new classes and update the Peloton Guide using the machine learning model to add new movements and disciplines. The Peloton strength community has around 250,000 members and, according to the company, Peloton Guide’s advanced technology is the most accessibly-priced connected fitness product on the market.

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