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Use The TRX BANDIT To Optimize Strength And Resistance Band Training

The TRX BANDIT makes resistance training easier, more effective, and more efficient.

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$ 50

TRX has built a loyal following with its simple equipment that offers resistance training geared for all skill levels. The brand’s latest fitness innovation, the TRX BANDIT, adds precision to the user’s resistance training with its universal-fit handle. The BANDIT was constructed with a familiar, ergonomic handle design and grippy ThermoPlastic Rubber to provide better control through movements for improved performance. It is best paired with TRX Strength Bands – which have been mapped to varying levels of resistance. However, they can also be used with any other resistance bands to greatly enhance the user’s fitness experience. This is exciting news as resistance bands are not only cheap, but you probably have one tucked away in your home already. Getting a TRX BANDIT will help you utilize these bands to their full potential without spending loads of money on new home gym equipment.

According to TRX Founder Randy Hetrick, “Strength bands are often a challenge to use effectively. Their design often leads to discomfort which can impact form and decrease effectiveness. With the TRX BANDIT, we have refined strength-band training in a manner that optimizes control and results.” The TRX Bandit Kit comes with two handles, two blue TRX Strength Bands (5 – 15 lbs.) and two green TRX Strength Bands (15 – 30 lbs.). For more news in the fitness space, check out the NordicTrack Vault.