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Focal Aria Evo X Speakers

Focal Unveils The New Aria Evo X Speakers

Dubbed as a ‘refresh’ of Focal’s Aria range.

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Established in 1979, the French hi-fi manufacturers at Focal have produced a long list of high-performance speaker drivers and loudspeakers for discerning audiophiles. Dedicated to bringing together the latest technology with innovative design and mechanics, their speakers are optimal for everything from home cinema systems to professional music production studios. The Focal Aria Evo X Speakers represent a continuation of this design philosophy, covering a spectrum of sizes, from floor-standing powerhouses to more discreet yet nevertheless powerful bookshelf surround sound, and center speakers.

Delivering two-way audio with clarity and sophisticated separation of the core frequencies, the bookcase speakers are compact enough to fit discreetly in small rooms and offices. At the same time, their engineering, which combines a TAM tweeter and a wide diffusion angle, along with a vibration-eliminating harmonic damper, ensures vibrant sound reproduction.

The new Focal Aria Evo X Speakers line also features three impressive floor-standing speakers, each progressively more powerful than the last. The Aria Evo X N°2 has been optimized for rooms measuring at least 215 sq ft. For movie lovers, the Aria Evo X N°3 brings boosted dynamics and three subwoofers for immersive home cinema viewing.

Suppose you’re more of a music purist looking for a balanced audio reproduction. In that case, the Aria Evo X N°4 demonstrates Focal’s talent for delivering warm acoustics that breathe naturally in the mix, regardless of your preferred music genres. The bass is enhanced through the bass-reflex system, while the M-shaped inverted tweeter dome gives additional clarity and sharpness to the vocals.

This transparency and fidelity is echoed in the dedicated home cinema speakers included in the new line of Focal Aria Evo X Speakers, which includes a two-way center speaker and bipolar surround speakers. Add the subwoofer into the mix, and it’s a setup any self-respecting music and film lover can appreciate. Additionally, Focal has released a dedicated stand alongside the new line of speakers for customers who opt for the bookshelf model.

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