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MSI Claw - A1M

Unwrapping The MSI Claw – A1M Handheld Gaming Device

The device packs the latest Intel Core Ultra processor and its integrated Arc graphics system.

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$ 699+

CES 2024 in Las Vegas has delivered plenty of groundbreaking new concepts in the world of technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and design. While the MSI Claw – A1M handheld gaming console doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it takes it to the limits and delivers one of the most powerful portable gaming devices yet seen.

The Claw – A1M handheld gaming device marshals the latest gaming tech for immersive and smooth performance, whether running arcade classics and indie games or the latest processor-intensive AAA titles. Built from Intel® XeSS technology and powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, it’s compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11 Home.

Designed with ergonomics at the forefront, the MSI Claw – A1M handheld gaming device features a twin-stick control system for the latest first-person shooters, as well as a responsive D-pad for more nostalgic gaming sessions. The contours of the chassis have been tailored for maximum comfort, balancing the grip and weight while responding to the curvature of the user’s hands.

With its easy-to-use Quick Setting menu to access your games library, the Claw – A1M handheld gaming device offers versatile use through Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and Macro Keys casting. The inclusion of the newly developed Boost HyperFlow cooler technology ensures the console won’t heat up throughout its eight-hour battery life.

Featuring the Switch-like ability to quickly jump between Desktop and Gamepad control modes, the Claw – A1M handheld gaming device is a compelling choice for PC-first gamers looking to play on the go.

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