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MSI Liberator

MSI Introduces The Liberator Gaming Foot Pedal

A programmable foot pedal that can be used for any action in any game.

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For those who are serious about PC gaming, a keyboard and mouse alone might not offer all of the functionality they need to perform at the highest possible level. Thankfully, there is a wide range of accessories that can turn a typical PC into a full-on gaming battle station. One such accessory that has been gaining attention in the gaming community is the MSI Liberator foot pedal.

The MSI Liberator is a foot pedal that comes equipped with three programmable keys. This allows gamers to easily choose which functions they would like the foot pedal to perform, whether it is lobbing a flash grenade in the heat of battle, farming mobs in Minecraft, bringing up your inventory, or executing any number of other commands. Marketed as one of the fastest gaming foot pedals in existence, the Liberator offers a response time of just 100ms, leading to a gaming experience that is fast, responsive, and fluid. The Liberator is also rated for over 10 million clicks, making it an incredibly durable and long-lasting piece of hardware. The MSI Liberator started as a Kickstarter project and quickly reached its $5,000 goal. Now, there are just 24 days left at the time of this writing to back the project and receive the first shipment of the gaming foot pedals in December.

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