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Zwift Ride & Zwift Wheel

Zwift Releases A Sneak Peek Of Its Zwift Ride And Zwift Wheel

Zwift brings new options for indoor cyclists.

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Indoor cycling giant, Zwift has unveiled its own hardware for indoor cycling. The news was unveiled in a survey sent out to a select group of customers. The survey prompted readers to choose a trainer bike from a selection of brands on a fictional online store. Among the options were the Zwift Ride and Zwift Wheel. These two products offer buyers the necessary equipment to complete or upgrade their indoor training setups. For example, the Zwift Wheel, a direct-drive trainer with a metal flywheel, can be adapted to a full-ride setup. Those looking to buy a complete set can include the smart bike frame and front wheel called the Zwift Ride.

The Zwift Ride and Zwift Wheel will feature a variety of equipment and add-ons. Peak Power is rated at 2200W with a max incline of 25 percent. It offers users a D-pad controller mounted on the handlebar. In addition, Zwift announced the Z Cog, a virtual shifter for riders who only buy the Wheel for their own setup. The Zwift Ride includes an adjustable seat, handlebar, and crank length. In addition, the smart bike can be stored vertically for convenience. Zwift has not released details on pricing or set a date of when it plans to release its indoor trainers to the market.

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