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GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots Offer Military-Grade Durability

Rugged yet stylish boots inspired by World War II 93 Jedburgh teams.

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$ 175

GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots are the ultimate outdoor footwear. They look cool too. These durable and versatile boots from GORUCK honor the undercover 93 Jedburgh teams deployed in World War II. Like the soldiers, these boots are tough and adaptive.

Outstanding features of the GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots include GORUCK’s Deception Canvas material, which is more durable and fast drying than traditional canvas. The outsole endures all types of adventures, whether wet, cold, or muddy, and the lack of spacer mesh means they never waterlog.

Rivaling the boots’ durability is their extreme comfort. Custom compression inserts offer support throughout the foot, while the wide toe box provides breathability for long excursions. GORUCK Jedburgh Rucking Boots feature a 13mm drop from heel to toe to reduce tension on the remainder of the body. An extra-light EVA midsole also helps evenly distribute weight for comfort and stability.

Best of all, GORUCK  Jedburgh Rucking Boots are comfortable straight out of the box, so buyers don’t have to spend time breaking them in before hitting the trails. They are available in Green/Coyote for $175 on Huckberry’s site.

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