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Vollebak Titan Puffer

Built For Places Colder Than Earth: Vollebak Titan Puffer

A collection inspired by the cryogenic temperatures of Saturn’s largest moon.

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$ 1,595

Vollebak is a company known in the industry for creating “future-proof clothing,” and its latest coat — the Titan Puffer — is possibly its most forward-thinking garment yet. The coat’s moniker stems from its capability to keep the wearer warm in extreme temperatures, rivaling those of the cryogenically cold Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and “Earth’s Twin” because of its familiar geography of clouds, lakes, rivers, and mountains. But with -179°C surface temperatures, surviving on Titan would require space-tested fabrics and technology — which is where Vollebak’s design comes into play. Its puffer has been through lab trials using Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) or Destruct Testing, methods typically used for missile components that need to survive in freezing temperatures at high altitudes.

Lined with the same extreme parachute material (a fabric that spent 15 years in R&D) used to land both a space probe on Titan and The Perseverance Rover on Mars, the puffer has three layers of outer material in 100% polyamide, a RET breathability score of 9, and weighs 1700 grams (about 3.75 pounds) with its insulation comprising 50% of the weight. It’s also water-resistant to over 10,000 mm, meaning that it can withstand most downpours and heavy snow.

All of the Titan Puffer’s details are designed to help its wearer cope with brutally cold conditions, including cuffs that fasten with Velcro adjusters to create a seal around your gloves or hands, and pockets lined with moleskin, a soft windproof fabric that can help protect against blisters and skin irritation. Priced at $1,595, the Titan Puffer comes in white, black, and blue.

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