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Vollebak Waterfallproof Puffer Offers A New Level Of Winter Warmth

The Waterfallproof Puffer will keep you warm down to -40°C.

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$ 1,395

Winter is rapidly approaching and London-based adventure clothing brand Vollebak wants customers to know they’re ready. The new Vollebak Waterfallproof Puffer is a jacket unlike any other. Vollebak combined its iconic warmth technology, featured in the company’s Solar Charged Puffer and Indestructible Puffer, with unrivaled waterproof technology for arguably the warmest jacket on the market. The Waterfallproof Puffer is waterproof to more than 40,000mm and warm to -40 degrees Celsius.

The Swiss-made three-layer outer material does more than stop water from penetrating the jacket’s surface. It doesn’t even allow it to stick. Sealed seams and a watertight zipper on the chest pocket keep the wearer’s body and most valuable items dry in the harshest winter conditions. As expected in a winter jacket by Vollebak, the Waterfallproof Puffer is chock-full of technology. The insulation material is 100 percent polyester integrated with aerogel particles. At the same time, fleece lining provides interior comfort in all critical areas, including the back neck, collar, and pockets.

It is a winter jacket adventurers can wear into the most extreme cold, rain, and wind without feeling those elements anywhere the jacket touches. In addition to the Long Khaki edition, Vollebak offers the Long Black edition of the Waterfallproof Puffer. This extreme level of warmth is available now on the Vollebak website to help customers prepare for the upcoming winter and whatever inclement weather has yet to come.

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