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Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket

Vollebak’s Tough As Nails Apocalypse Jacket Lightweight Edition

The jacket’s shell is made from a combination of PBI, a fireproof material created for NASA and para-aramid.

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A man doesn’t have to wait until the “End of Days” to wear the lightweight edition of the Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket. This jacket is not only oil, gas, sulphuric acid, and nitric acid resistant, it is also antimicrobial, highly wicking, and UV resistant. In essence, Vollebak’s Apocalypse Jacket will provide the highest level of protection you can expect from a piece of apparel.

Made with the same material that was created for NASA’s Apollo space mission – polybenzimidazole (PBI) is a fiber of exceptional thermal and chemical stability. Whether it is exposed to high heat, chemicals, or abrasion, PBI retains its integrity. Unlike other fire-retardant materials, it will not stiffen and crack. According to Vollebak, PBI has never been used in civilian apparel – until now, that is.

Should you ever encounter a real apocalypse, you might be wearing this jacket for days on end, which is why you’ll be thankful for all its attributes. It is lined with an integrated pocket system, with 16 pockets in all – 10 are down the back and 6 are at the front. And every one fastens securely with metal snap fasteners. The Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket will keep you warm at night and chill in the daytime, and it will stay looking great over its lifetime. Suit up, because the time is here to face what’s coming.

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