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Vollebak Equator Pants

Vollebak Reveals Its Equator Pants

The pants are built to keep you comfortable even the most extreme heat.

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Keeping cool becomes a more difficult task year after year as temperatures around the globe rise. Vollebak prepares consumers for the present and the future with the ultra-lightweight, breathable Equator Pants, specifically designed for hot climates. They are ready for life on the equator from the hottest, most dense cities to the heart of the jungle. Scorching climates make many people wish they could go without clothes. Vollebak Equator Pants are the next best thing. The fabric is one-of-a-kind cotton, Karnak Menoufi, that feels like silk. Vollebak claims it is the best base material on the planet. Karnak Menoufi is soft, durable, stretchy, and impressively lightweight.

Vollebak Equator Pants are the ultimate travel clothing, weighing only 350 grams to keep luggage light. The zipped side and back pockets feature hidden vents designed to cool down the body. Four additional air vents are on the back of the knees. Travelers who still manage to sweat will appreciate that Vollebak Equator Pants dry quickly. The fast-drying material is also ideal for the torrential rain and humidity that comes with life on the equator. There’s no need for travelers to avoid adventures for fear of getting wet. Vollebak Equator Pants have a UPF of 50+, which is the highest possible sun protection. Combine the Equator Pants with Vollebak’s equator shirt for the ultimate travel or everyday outfit.

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