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Vollebak Equator Shorts

Vollebak’s Equator Shorts Can Handle The Heat

The shorts are constructed with a rare, silk-like cotton that’s sourced from the Nile Delta.

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$ 275

Tropical locales inspired the design and functionality of the new Vollebak Equator Shorts. They are arguably the best shorts for hot, humid climates, like the jungle of Nicaragua or the streets of New York City in July. The clothing creators at Vollebak see climate zones shifting and noticed a significant need for garments made to handle warm conditions. Vollebak Equator Shorts features one of the lightest and softest materials ever made — silky-smooth cotton known as Karnak Menoufi from the Nile Delta. Elastane and ultrafine nylon add stretch and lifelong durability. The shorts are UV-resistant to protect skin from the tropical sun, and they dry in minutes on rainy days or when the air is heavy with humidity.

Equator Shorts by Vollebak include two zippered rear pockets and two zippered side pockets. Lockable zippers make these shorts ideal for travel adventures or keeping items secure on busy city streets. Every pocket features dozens of built-in vents that provide never-before-seen ventilation. Also available in Navy Blue, pair the Equator Shorts with the Equator Shirt for lightweight protection from the sun, humidity, heat, and torrential rainstorms.

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