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Vollebak Nomad Puffer

Meet Winter Head-On With Vollebak’s Nomad Puffer

The jacket feels like gear you’ve had for years from the moment you first put it on.

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Every month the innovative brothers at Vollebak, Nick and Steve Tidball, launch unique clothing concepts that often sell out fast. This month, they have released the Vollebak Nomad Puffer, a coat built to work across multiple climates and terrain. The brothers say they took their inspiration from Arctic nomads, who wore sealskin coats that functioned like a second skin, protecting them from the elements. The Nomad Puffer features super-compact insulation, using the same insulation as Vollebak’s Race to Zero Puffer. A water-repellent outer material and inner lining sandwich the synthetic insulation for warmth that rivals heavier and thicker jackets. Vollebak compresses the insulation to less than a third before stitching it into the coat. So, it takes up 70% less space. Yet it retains 80% of its thermal properties.

What’s more, the insulation is recycled plastic that Vollebak turns into insulating synthetic fibers. Every Vollebak Nomad Puffer uses five half-liter plastic bottles that undergo a mechanical recycling process. The process blends the bottles and creates synthetic fibers resulting in a down-like material that provides the highest loft for the lowest weight. Plus, the coat boasts a crossover collar and oversized hood. Additionally, every puffer is handmade and hand-dyed in small batches, so no two coats will look precisely the same.

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