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Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket

Vollebak’s Ultra-Durable Planet Earth Jacket

The jacket is outfitted with a total of nine pockets.

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$ 795

Field jackets have an undeniably rich past, tied to both WWII and the Vietnam War and having been featured in gritty films and worn by the toughest people in Hollywood, such as De Niro and Stallone. Inspired by the iconic M-65 Field Jacket the US Army donned during Vietnam, menswear brand Vollebak presents a modern-day version of this classic favorite with the release of its Planet Earth Jacket.  Vollebak worked with the oldest and most famous waxed cotton manufacturer in the world, British Millerain, to develop the jacket’s outer material from 100% waxed cotton. This material is water-resistant, wind-resistant, and ages better the more it is worn.

Other noteworthy features of the Vollebak Planet Earth Jacket include two fleece-lined zipped side pockets, two zippered upper chest pockets (concealed behind storm flaps) Cordura lining, fleece-lined cuffs with metal snap fastener adjusters, a giant internal mesh pocket with cord fastener, and much, much more. Available in gray, green, or blue colorways, Vollebak’s Planet Earth Jacket is truly a modern day version of the tough-as-nails military jacket that has since been adopted into mainstream culture.

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