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'Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker' Advertising by Sneaker Freaker

‘Soled Out: The Golden Age Of Sneaker Advertising’ By Sneaker Freaker

A celebration of sneakers and sporting legends, as told through the medium of vintage print advertising.

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Available now for preorder through Phaidon Publishing is the fascinating book Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising by Sneaker Freaker. Sneaker Freaker is an international footwear magazine with a monthly audience reaching 10 million — the first and only one of its kind — established by Melbourne’s own Simon ‘Woody’ Wood. The publication documents every custom design, collaboration, limited edition, and retro reissue within the sneaker industry with exacting detail. It is this encyclopedic knowledge base combined with Woody’s inimitable writing style that brings this interesting look at the sneaker industry during its heyday of advertising to life.

Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising is an educational and entertaining 720-page read that is more than a decade in the making and is the only collection of sneaker advertisements compiled in such a way, exemplifying the golden age of sneaker advertising. It features nearly 900 vintage images alongside a punchy narrative replete with historical revelations and insider stories. Alongside the images appear cultural icons and superstar athletes, including such names as Shaquille O’Neal, MC Hammer, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Paula Abdul, Andre Agassi, and even Bugs Bunny. Each page is expertly laced with unforgettable graphics and classic sneaker models, along with some good-natured trash talk. It is an iconic and interesting look at all things sneakers and advertising and how they have made one of the most successful pairings in history.

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