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CLOT And Nike Collaborate To Release The “CLOTEZ”

A transformable, 3-in-1 design, the CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ” embodies Yin and Yang.

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$ 140

Edison Chen, CLOT Founder, and Creative Director, recently collaborated with aspiring designer Harry Wong to launch the CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ”. This innovative shoe features a 3-in-1 design that Chen says finds its inspiration in the Yin-Yang philosophy that says that the universe is composed of competing and complementary forces of dark and light, sun and moon, male and female. Furthermore, it stays true to the company’s mission to nurture Chinese creators, and to that end, Yin-Yang integrates into CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ’s” DNA and celebrates this expression of Tai Chi, exploring fluidity and change. Yin-Yang symbolizes the Tai Chi Diagram, also known as the “CLOTEZ.” Like the Yin-Yang symbol, CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ” features a black and white colorway and a drawstring embellished with the Yin-Yang symbol.

Additionally, Wong embroidered the Chinese characters “功” and “夫” at the heel, spelling Kung Fu. “CLOTEZ” boasts a 3-in-1 design, making it unique in that the person wearing the shoes can do so as is or take it apart and have two separate pairs of shoes, a slip-on house shoe, and a sneaker. CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ” features a black Nike Swoosh on its white leather upper. And the matte black slip-on is a silhouette, with serrated bottoms inspired by Kung Fu and providing maximum grip. What’s more, the shoe offers a detachable insole for extra comfort. Chen and Wong drew inspiration from Wong’s competing Air Max design, “Kung Fu Soul.” The CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ” is set for release on February 10, when it can be purchased for $140 at JUICESTORE.

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