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'Spirited' by Adrienne Stillman

‘Spirited: Cocktails From Around The World’ by Adrienne Stillman Is the Book Every Host Needs

More than 600 intriguing cocktail recipes from around the world.

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The way to a guest’s heart can be through a perfectly crafted cocktail, or that is what cocktail enthusiasts like Adrienne Stillman say. Her recently-released book, Spirited: Cocktails From Around The World, is the ultimate guide for every host to have hiding behind their bar. Or, on the bar for that matter — because it is an intriguing read, even for non-drinkers. Adrienne Stillman is a certified sommelier and the editor-in-chief of Dispology, a curated guide for cocktail enthusiasts. Spirited: Cocktails From Around The World is a side project that may take the limelight for this author and cocktail connoisseur. The book features 610 cocktail recipes from across six continents. The historical span of the included recipes is more than 500 years.

At first glance, the book is a bartender’s guide to making perfect drinks, but it is far more interesting inside. This fully-illustrated celebration of cocktails is loaded with facts about each drink’s origin and the ingredients that create its legendary flavor. The essays strewn throughout cover topics like the history of cocktails and current cocktail culture. Spirited: Cocktails From Around The World by Adrienne Stillman is a sophisticated guide with a refined cover that pairs well with any bar top. All the amusing information inside makes it ideal for coffee tables too.

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